Rob Foote - Senior Legal Consultant
I'm a specialist commercial lawyer helping you to get on with business


they say... 

Patrik Elfving

Divisional Supply Chain Project Manager

Johnson Matthey PLC

When negotiating contracts within complex supply chains for multinationals within the automotive sector, I found Rob highly skilled and adept at converting the business need in to legally sound but still clear documents, which I attribute this to Rob’s ability to listen and comprehend complex structures and relationships and structuring and rephrasing them into contracts.

During my work with Rob, I found him very professional - both quick and clear in responses to any questions I had.

Adrian Larkin

Managing Director

Auto Creative Ltd

Working with Rob is a pleasure. Being a director of a successful creative business it can be daunting task when facing a legal challenges. With his ability to quickly get to the heart of complex commercial / legal issues, Rob's approach resonates highly with myself and other creative colleagues.

Also, Rob is a great communicator - in my line of business this is a priceless skill. We will definitely be working with together in the future.

Alexander Bordolo

Head of Legal European Region

Johnson Matthey PLC

Rob is a skilled commercial lawyer, responsive and with sound business knowledge. 

Also, Rob features in the Legal 500 noting his track record covering a range of commercial agreements in the automotive, media and sports sectors.